Electrical Rewires When an old and tired electrical system needs an overhaul – REWIRE!

Taking the plunge to rewire your property is a serious business that can throw up all sorts of problems.

Reasons why would you consider rewiring your home or property?

  • Worries or concerns about the safety of the installation
  • Tired or obsolete components of the existing installations wiring, faceplates and outlets
  • There are insufficient numbers of socket outlets, lighting points and other services
  • When selling a property to realise an increase in value of that property
  • You have just moved in and are intending to renovate or refurbish the property

There are many problems that need to be considered before going ahead and having your home or property rewired, these include

  • The dirt and mess that a rewire causes
  • The noise caused by drilling, hammering and sawing
  • The loss of electricity to the property including to the lighting and network services
  • Dust and airborne particles that can impact on those with respiratory problems
  • The damage that can be caused to the existing decor

These difficulties can go on for relatively long periods of time, although this depends on many factors such as

  • The size of the property
  • The extent of the rewire and the design considerations
  • How the new cables are going to be installed? Under floors, plastered into the walls etc.
  • Whether the property is furnished or occupied, it is always more difficult to rewire a property that furnished cluttered and occupied

To avoid putting up with these problems and for the work to be completed quicker, the best solution is for the property to be vacant and unfurnished which includes carpet and/or flooring to be removed or set aside. 

A good bit of advice is to rewire your property before you move in or to vacate it while work is being conducted. It is also easier for your electrical contractor to work on a vacant property, so you may be able to negotiate a reduced price.

If you trust your electrical contractors and your do not need to be around while the work is being completed, then you could always consider going on holiday for the time that has been scheduled, although this has its own problems including;

  • The work not being installed as specified
  • If complications are encountered, you are not present to oversee and negotiate the solution

 Once you have decided to rewire or modify your electrical installation, you need to think carefully about the design of the project.

In the long run, it always causes further inconvenience, and costs more, to add items after the rewire is nearly or fully completed, both from the electrical and renovation point of view.

Things to consider when designing your new electrical system:

  • Positions of socket outlets, lighting points and switching points
  • Sufficient numbers of socket outlets for the number of devices
  • Sufficient lighting for the area
  • The control of lighting through dimmer switches and automated lighting systems.
  • Where a TV is to be installed a connection to an aerial 
  • A network connection for smart TV's
  • Telephone points especially if your satellite provider requires for their box to be connected via a telephone line.
  • Whether you want to control all of your lighting from a central point or to have a programmed lighting system.
  • A fire alarm system, including smoke and heat detectors.
  • Burglar alarm or intruder detection systems.
  • Any electric heating if you cannot get gas central heating installed, but also including under floor heating (a nice touch when getting out of the bath or shower or any other area where you are likely to walk around bare foot.
  • The control wiring for a gas central heating system, including; thermostats & time clocks.
  • Hot water and electric showers
  • Cooking facilities.

Now that you have a better idea whether you want to take the plunge and consider having your home or property rewired, why not give Indigo Electrical Services (London) a call. We can give you further advice tailored to your needs and requirements.

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