Lighting Maintenance & Re-lamping Taking the hassle out of your commercial lighting maintenance

The incandescent or tungsten light bulb or lamp has been in existence for more than a hundred years, as technology has evolved so has the humble lamp, there are many new technologies that can increase performance and efficiency, that can reduce the cost of maintaining the lighting and that of the power consumption of the lighting in your building, below are some of the current lighting technologies employed in commercial and industrial installations:

  • Tungsten halogen
  • Fluorescent and compact fluorescent tubes
  • SON
  • Cold Cathode
  • LED

Modern lamps are far more efficient than the humble incandescent lamp, and progress has allowed for the redevelopment of more efficient types of the existing lamp technologies, with such enhancements it is now possible to make energy savings just by re-lamping your property.

LED lighting is the new buzzword in the lighting industry, it can bring savings in both your maintenance costs and to your energy bills, call Indigo Electrical Services (London) on 0203 302 6002 to find out more about this new technology.

But it's a fact of life that no matter which type of lamp technology that you are using, they all wear out and eventually fail.

As a lamp wears out the quality of the light radiated deteriorates and the amount of light that is emitted reduces.

To compound this problem, the light fitting and the lamp both become contaminated and soiled, depending on the environmental conditions, this can really impact on the amount of lighting in your property.

All of these factors can seriously impact on the environment that your staff and/or customers occupy, along with the safety, where the quality and quantity of light is crucial for the safe movement around the property and where the work being performed within the premises needs sufficient lighting to be performed safely.

Indigo Electrical Services (London) are a commercial lighting installer and now provides a service to its customers to take the hassle out of and to reduce the costs to your commercial lighting installation and industrial lighting maintenance requirements.

We can deliver significant savings on your energy bills, dramatically reducing your maintenance costs and eliminate unnecessary administration expenses.

For all of your re-lamping needs, and commercial lighting maintenance requirements, including cleaning and the installation of new light fittings, call Indigo Electrical Services (London), you'll be surprised by the difference that a good lighting maintenance schedule can make to your property.

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