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Telephone services are a critical part of your systems to communicate and run an efficient and productive business, we have come to rely on fault tolerant systems that allow us to communicate with the larger world selling and running the services that make our businesses what they are.

It can be so frustrating when there is a loss of service and how seriously it can impact on the day to day running of your business. This can be kept to a minimum with correctly designed infrastructure, reliable equipment and redundancy applied to the services.

IP telephony sometimes called VOIP (voice over IP) is all the rage in the modern office, it allows for seamless connectivity through your data network infrastructure, as a matter of fact you might be ready to go if you already have a reliable data network installed in your offices or business premises. VOIP runs on the same protocols found in data networks communications. 

IP telephony relies on real time communication where there can be no buffering, therefore bandwidth needs to be addressed when considering VOIP services because the quality of the communication can suffer in limited bandwidth networks.

Our experienced team of designers and installation engineers can take your project from start to finish with the minimum fuss and maximum attention to detail.

Why choose Indigo Electrical Services (London) to install and maintain your telephone services?

  • We will listen to your requests and budget giving helpful suggestions that can improve your network and the services that they deliver providing an economical solution to your communication and telephone needs. At this point consideration needs to be made as to the external network requirements and who will provide these, you may already have an external service provider that you would prefer to talk to about the matter. Handset, headset and voicemail choice should also be discussed
  • We assess your premises and any data or structured network already installed gathering the necessary information to either design or plan the project or to use/adapt the existing network infrastructure.
  • Further to this, we create the necessary plans evaluating any issues that might be encountered and create a schedule that will bring the project in on time.
  • If a network has not already been installed then we can install all containment necessary to support and protect your networking infrastructure, the systems that we can install include conduit and trunking systems, including dado, skirting, p.v.c or metal, tray and basket tray, ceiling and under floor voids, modular flooring, suspended ceiling systems and within steel partitioning systems.
  • Once all containment and cabling has been installed, terminating and testing the cables and connections should be performed to verify that there are no issues.
  • External services including ISDN, DSL and Fibre connections can now be connected to the internal network and handsets plugged in.
  • Finally configuring the handsets, voicemail, call forwarding etc. and testing that these are doing what they are supposed to be doing
  • The quality of work our engineers achieve is to the highest standards and beyond that which are expected in the industry.
  • Upon completion all necessary documentation is forwarded to the customer and a maintenance program suggested that will keep the network in tip top condition.
  • We are Chas accredited to ensure Health and Safety compliant throughout all of our work and take the matter of Health and Safety very seriously.

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