Emergency Electrician

Call our emergency helpline on 0203 302 6002, and if required we will aim to have an emergency electrician at your doorstep within the hour*.

You know it’s time to call an emergency electrician in London when:

  • You have flickering lights
  • A circuit breaker is tripping
  • Switches or plugs feel hot or warm to touch
  • A crackling noise is coming from a switch, socket or other electrical device
  • You can smell overheated plastic, Bakelite or burning timber, but there is not an obvious cause for the smell

Our emergency electricians are available to assist you in your electrical emergency 24 /7 and are only a call away.

Be safe: call our 24/7 emergency number 0203 302 6002 and our experienced staff will assess your situation and can provide immediate advice. If required, our emergency call out electricians will reach you within an hour if you are located within the Greater London area, day or night.

All electrical work is undertaken by our approved emergency call out electricians and their work complies with the latest edition of the electrical regulations BS7671, we provide you with all relevant certificates on completion of all new installation work.

Remember: – electricity can be dangerous. Cables have a maximum temperature rating and exceeding this can damage the cable or start a fire.

Do not try to reset the breaker when it keeps tripping, it is tripping because there is a fault on the circuit and resetting it under these conditions can damage the device.

* Subject to the London call out coverage areas only, availability of electricians at the time of the call and traffic conditions.

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