Electrical Certificates (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.) previously known as a Periodic Inspection Report (P.I.R) is like having an M.O.T conducted on the mains power electrical installation and wiring of your property, it is conducted to verify the safety of the electrical system and its components.

Some properties are required by law to have an E.I.C.R. performed at set intervals, depending on the type of use and whether the public have access to the premises.

There is no obligation for private domestic properties which are not being let to have a valid E.I.C.R. but many property owners employ the services of a qualified electrician to conduct an E.I.C.R. to be aware in what condition the installation is.

A report is only issued once all accessible circuits have been visually inspected and electrically tested.

If the installation is considered to be in a good condition and complies with the necessary regulations then a ‘Satisfactory’ certificate can be applied which gives the property a good bill of health until the next inspection.

A date for the next inspection will also be entered on the certificate, how long the certificate lasts depends on the condition of the installation and the purpose of its use.

If the property does not meet the necessary requirements, an ‘Unsatisfactory’ report will be issued, in the report you will find a list of remedial works that need to be fixed before the installation can be passed.

It is recommended that if you are about to undertake a major renovation project, then an E.I.C.R should be conducted to give an accurate picture of the condition of the electrical installation and wiring in the building. The report will highlight whether you need work conducted on your electrical installation, it is better to have any electrical work completed before you commence with or conduct other work to the property such as fitting a kitchen/bathroom or re-decorated.

Indigo Electrical Services (London) have a good reputation for conducting a thorough survey of electrical systems in all types of property, including domestic and commercial installations, we conduct the survey sympathetically with the minimum of disruption to tenants, staff and owners.

So, whether your property is due for an EICR or you have concerns and just want to know the condition of your electrical installation, give Indigo Electrical Services (London) a call on 0203 302 6002.

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